17 décembre 2010

Arrivée impromptue...

2085 - "La porte !"

Toute une histoire à imaginer, ça vous tente ? Je n'avais jamais vu ce dessin, extrait de Kane, revue anglaise ancienne. L'œuvre n'est pas signée mais illustre la nouvelle "Charity girl"...

"It came in the form of Major Sir Andrew Barton, Chairman of the Board of Governors. Sir Andrew was not used to knocking and waiting, so he merely tapped on the door and entered. 

The sight that met his eye was an interesting one to say the least: a young woman, one of the senior girls, and a damned attractive one despite the tears coursing down her cheeks, was bent face downwards across a chair, and, judging by the four angry wheals marking a beautifully shaped bare backside, obviously in the process of being thoroughly caned. Not for nothing had the army trained Sir Andrew in observation !

Mrs Hayman quickly changed her scowl of annoyance to an ingratiating smirk of welcome:

- "Sir Andrew ! How good to see you... I am most sorry that you catch me at such an inconvenient time. Celandine Murphy, I'll finish with you later ! Take your clothes and dress outside. Hurry now !"
Dessin: "Charity" © Kane n°12

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